Our Holdings

An Overview

Based on 2012 core drilling of the Brownwood Clay Holdings (BCH) property and chemical analysis of the borings by Clemson University’s Bishop Materials Laboratory, the clay deposit owned by BCH in Brownwood, Texas has been estimated as containing in excess of ten million tons of “inferred clay mineral resource” that is “proppant grade clay” and is suitable for use in the manufacturing of ceramic proppant. This clay resource represents a sufficient amount of material for a ceramic proppant manufacturing plant in Brownwood, Texas for in excess of forty (40) years.

After 27 months of due diligence, research and development of material from the clay deposit, under the direction of OPF Enterprises, multiple SKUs of ceramic proppant products have been successfully produced in BCH’s Houston laboratory and tested in simulated factory production using gas fired rotary kilns. Additional testing of select SKUs of BCH manufactured ceramic proppant has been completed by PropTester, Inc. and Stim-Lab, Inc.

Following successful test results illustrating outstanding product performance, BCH’s attorneys filed a provisional patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and also trademarked its products.

The sheer size of the Brownwood resource and BCH’s proprietary intellectual property presents an unprecedented opportunity for mineral clay-based ceramic proppant manufacturing in Texas and other worldwide locations near major developing oil and gas shale plays.