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History of Brownwood Clay Holdings, LLC and its Mineral Assets

Brownwood Clay Holdings, LLC (BCH) was formed in 2011 by Austin businessmen Gary Davis and Richard “Sandy” Watkins to consolidate ownership interests of nearly 476-acres of land in Brownwood, Texas.

Following geologic research and testing of mineral clays found on the property, a substantial deposit of millions of tons of inferred clay mineral resources was determined to exist on approximately 408-acres of land owned by the company. Realizing the opportunity to leverage this abundant resource to meet the growing demand for ceramic proppants in North America, BCH partnered with ceramic manufacturing experts On the Plant Floor, LLC to explore ways to transform the clay minerals into ceramic beads that met the specifications published by the American Petroleum Institute for ceramic proppant.

Using material from the BCH deposit in Brownwood, in combination with other materials, multiple SKUs of ceramic proppant have been successfully produced in the company’s Houston-based development and testing laboratory. Subsequently,  select product skus were tested in rotary kilns that simulate high volume manufacturing conditions similar to factory settings. During research and development, the company created unique intellectual property from its proprietary formulations. These formulations will prospectively enable the conversion of similar clays (found in proximity to the world’s major developing oil and gas shale plays) into lightweight ceramic proppants that rival the strength and uniformity of those created from kaolin clay and bauxite resources.